Monday 27 June 2011

MMJ: Days 23, 24, 25 and 26

So, what's been happening for the past few days?....

Day 23

MMJ: Day 23
Top: Pendrell blouse
Trousers: Banana Republic
Sandals: Camper
Me-Made Category: A

This is a pretty easy combination and was exactly what I wore on Day 12 too.

Day 24
MMJ: Day 24
Shoes: Kew
Me-Made Category: Both verging on A

After languishing in my wardrobe unworn since its birth, this top has received the most compliments of all my me-made clothes this month.  Very strange.

Day 25
MMJ: Day 25
Cardigan: John Smedley
Dress: Crepe dress
Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Me-Made category: B

I wore this for my son's school fair and it was a big hit.  Lots of people asked me where I bought it from!!! I think it was the fabric which got them all so excited.  It's still a pain to get it to sit right, especially the wrap bit at the back, but I can live with it because it's such a lovely dress for summer.  In fact, I was tempted to skip off and pick flowers in the adjoining meadow as I was wearing just the right get-up.  You'll be relieved to know I didn't...

Day 26
MMJ: Day 26
Top: Sorbetto
Skirt: Beignet
Shoes: Clarks
Me-Made Category: Top, C as it's fresh off the machine, Skirt, A

Today was hot, hot, hot so I decided to give my new Sorbetto a spin.  I made this top with the intention of taking it on holiday so today's hot weather was a good practice run. Verdict?  Perfect, really cool in hot weather.  

I can't believe a whole month has almost gone by, every day of which I've been clad in my hand stitched clothes!  Happy Monday. x


  1. Such a great range of clothing, well done! As I'm sure I've said before very inspiring!

  2. Great combinations! That last one is especially young-looking, not that you ever look old, but it has something youthful going on. Maybe it's the shorter skirt?

  3. These past few days were almost entirely handmade! That must be so satisfying. I love the Sorbetto and Beignet combo (which is also fun to say!).

  4. Looove that top with de big roses on it. Is it the same fabric as Zo's big rose skirt? Ab fab on you!

  5. Well done Jane! I've had a few "fail" days this time round mainly due to the lack of decent laundry weather. No such issues today tho. Phew!!!
    I love your Beignet with the red buttons.

  6. Love the day 25 dress. Gorgeous!!

  7. Have thoroughly enjoyed all your MMJ posts. They have been such an inspiration and have made me realise how thin I am on 'made by me' tops (I have made dresses and skirts galore by now, but only ever one top!). Thanks to your MMJ posts, my next step will be to add some single colour skirts and print tops to my wardrobe (a welcome change from all the print skirts and plain T-shirts/ cardies I usually wear!).



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