Tuesday 14 June 2011

MMJ: Days 11, 12, 13 and 14

We're nearly halfway through June now and I still haven't been filled with despair over what to wear yet!

Day 11
MMJ: Day 11
Cardigan: John Smedley
BlouseMe-Made from a 1950's pattern
Trousers: Boden
Me-Made Category: A

I needed to wear something pretty comfortable today as I was lugging things around on my craft stall.  I love this gingham top!

Day 12
MMJ: Day 12
Top: Me-made Pendrell
Trousers: Banana Republic
Shoes: Kew
Me-Made Category: A

I wear this Pendrell a lot, usually untucked, as it's super long and you get the full benefit of the lovely fabric that way.  It always perks up the plainest of outfits with very little effort.   

Day 13
MMJ: Day 13
Cardigan: John Smedley

Skirt: Me-Made Beignet
Shoes: Clarks
Me-Made Category:  A

My default combination of red and navy.  Never fails.

Day 14
MMJ: Day 14
Jumper: John Smedley
Skirt: Me-made from a Japanese pattern book
Shoes: Kew
Me-Made category: B, verging on A

Fab weather today so out came the legs - wahay!  

I'm having a great time mixing and matching everything in my wardrobe.  Some of you have even chipped in with outfit suggestions.  Thanks Roobeedoo, your suggested combo will have its first outing tomorrow!  x


  1. I am LOVING the gingham top - and I love the navy and red combo ! I love seeing people 'me mades' and being able to recognise the patterns. You do a lovely job, I am looking forward to the day that I can sew such a lovely wardrobe. Looking forward to your next instalment :-)

  2. All lovely outfits, I particularly like your Japanese pattern book skirt, it's a great print.

  3. Very cute. I love all the outfits. The shoes are really pretty. Love it.

  4. Great combs. The print of the Japanese book skirt is lovely.

  5. I think I need more red buttons in my life - they just make me smile every time I see them on your beignet! :)

  6. All very gorgeous, Jane! The rose print on your Pendrell is so lovely. x



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