Monday 20 June 2011

MMJ: Days 15, 16, 17 and 18

I think four days of outfits is about the maximum anybody can stomach at any one time, so this post will take me up to two days ago.

Day 15
MMJ: Day 15
Top: Me-made from a 1950's pattern
Vest: Primark
SkirtMe-made 1960's A-line skirt
Shoes: Clarks
Me-Made Category: Top, now a B, skirt B

I wish I could claim it was my own idea to wear these two me-made items together, sadly it wasn't, it was Roobeedoo's!  She was spot on though, as I love red and turquoise together, why didn't I think of it?!

Day 16
MMJ: Day 16
Top: Me-made from a 1930's pattern
Trousers: Me-made from Simplicity 3688
Shoes: Clarks
Me-Made Category: Top B, Trousers A

Still feeling in a turquoise mood, hence the top.  I did try the two turquoise items together but I looked like a nurse.

Day 17
MMJ: Day 17
Dress: Socialite dress
Belt: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Clarks
Me-Made Category: A

Strangely enough, I wore this dress a lot in the winter with tights and a cardigan. I was hoping to wear it in a summery way today but couldn't because a) my limbs were a similar hue to the actual dress - not a good look and b) weather conditions in the UK in June were positively wintery (!) so tights and cardigan it was.   

Day 18

Top: 1950's Blue Roses top
Trousers: Me-made from Simplicity 3688
Me-Made Category: C, never worn

...and with good reason.  Even though the fabric is gorgeous I'm really cross that I wasted it on this top as I hated wearing it and will probably never wear it again.  Reasons?  Too short, too drawstringy and the neck is still uncomfortably high.  The fabric is too pretty to cast aside though, so I think I can refashion it by lowering the neckline (again) and taking the casing out at the bottom to increase the length.  Grrr. I even look like I'm smiling through gritted teeth, which I was!

Apart from the blue rose top, these were a good few days - I do love wearing my handmade clothes.  Happy Monday. x


  1. I love the red and turquoise combo (must try it) and I LOVE the Socialite dress.

  2. Oh I really like the blue rose top! I just clicked over to see your post on it ! Also love the socialite dress. :)

  3. Yay! Great outfits Jane! And I do like that Socialite dress - a change of colour for you too!

  4. Love the red and aqua together in the top outfit. Shame you don't like the drawstring in the rose top as it makes for a really nice look... at least when posing for a photo (maybe when moving around it isn't so practical or doesn't sit where you want it?). It certainly looks rather fab and sophisticated with the trousers, so maybe you should first try lowering the top and give it another go.

  5. Oh I really like the blue rose top - it's a shame you don't feel comfortable in it because it looks good.

  6. I LOVE the day 17 dress. Gorgeous! You are so clever. x

  7. Love the red turquoise combo - it's stunning on you!

  8. I too love the socialite dress, such a gorgeous fabric!

  9. Thirding (or fourthing?) the love for the red and turquoise. The top looks very versatile.

  10. Oh, I like all of these (even the blue rose top, though high necks drive me batty as well)! The turquoise & red combo is classic and so pretty, plus it can look patriotic for both our countries, albeit in a summery way. :)

  11. Loving all these pics, but good grief just how much do I like that use of Hope Valley fabric for the Socialite dress. Gorgeous!



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