This page contains tutorials for craft items and simple dressmaking techniques. I hope you find them useful! 

If you mention my tutorials on your blog or website, I'd really appreciate an acknowledgement and a link back to the original post. To reproduce any of the tutorials in full, please contact me for permission first. I'm very happy for you to use my craft tutorials for personal use and/or to make finished items to sell. Happy sewing! 

Lavender Bags
These are easy-peasy and make perfect gifts. They're also a great way to use up
pretty scraps of fabric.  Find the tutorial here.

Kid's Wash Bag
Small and cute with a handy waterproof lining - the perfect size for kids. 
Find the tutorial here. 

Baby Blanket
A lightweight fleece blanket - with printed cotton on one side and cosy fleece on the reverse.
They're simple to make and are a practical and attractive gift for a new baby.
Find the tutorial here.

Reversible Bag
This tutorial is for a reversible shopping bag with a wider base at the bottom.
With a few tweaks of the same tutorial I'll also show you how to make a reversible tote or book bag.
Find the tutorial here.

Mobile Phone Holder
A handy and easy-to-make pouch for a mobile phone or iPod.
It's also a good way of showcasing two contrasting fabrics.
Find the tutorial here.

Adding a Lace Trim to a Peter Pan Collar 
A straight forward tutorial for applying a lace trim to a Peter Pan collar.
The result is SSOO pretty!
Find the tutorial here.

Attaching a Collar and Facings to a Shirt Dress
This tutorial tackles the tricky steps involved in attaching a collar and facings to a
shirt dress.It's specific to McCall's 4769 but the basic principles of it could probably
be applied to any notched collar pattern.  Find the tutorial here.

Easy Elastic Waist Skirt
Make a super-easy skirt using just a rectangle of fabric and a length of elastic!
Find the tutorial here.

Adding a Waist Stay to a Dress
Add a waist stay to a dress to anchor the waist in position and give a neat, fitted look.
Find the tutorial here.


  1. Thanks Jane I am having a sewing machine for Christmas and not having used one for years I need a few easy projects. I will be making the lavender bags asap. x

  2. Hello Jane
    I was interested to see your tutorial for a peter pan collar as I'm making fitted dresses but would like to give them a lift with different detail. However I couldn't access the link via the "click here"


    1. Hmm that's odd, it definitely works for me. Here's the link anyway, hope it's useful! x



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