Wednesday 27 October 2010


It's half term this week and with no chance of getting any sewing done I'd been feeling a bit like an addict deprived of her fix.  Today though, I cunningly suggested making a halloween teddy/soft toy.  This had the double bonus of keeping the boys amused and letting me play with my sewing machine for an hour (hoorah).  We decided to make ghosts after seeing the lovely ghost Justine made for her son here.

My older boy drew the pattern onto white fabric (he's a genius) and all we did then was sew together two pieces of the same shape.  Turn it the right way round, a bit of stuffing and two button eyes later and we had these terrifying creatures to play with...

The ghost is on the left, not to be mistaken for the rancid rag comforter in the other hand!
The genius designer basking in his success
Along the way we had to make a Prince of Darkness style cape for the dominant ghost out of a few scraps of fabric and some ribbon.  Scary eh?

Mohammed Ali-style ghost cape
The boys love them, we had a fun morning making them and I feel like supermum! Thanks for the idea Justine! x


  1. How cute are your boys? Lovely photos. Brilliant idea. Its great that boys can get involved in sewing too. Love Justine's blog also.

  2. Haha!! Your ghosts are great now why didn't I think of a cape?!!

  3. Fab photos and aren't your boys dudes! Have great halloween :)

  4. That is adorable! I can't believe he drew out the ghost himself! You need to get him started on the machine :)

  5. Thanks all of you for your lovely comments. Of course, I think my boys are gorgeous dudes, but it's always nice when others say they are too! x

  6. Love it Jane. Fantastic idea, the boys look gorgeous, as always. Becky xxxx



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