Wednesday 6 October 2010

I need to get sewing!

Last Saturday saw the first of my pre - xmas Craft Fairs.  I've only ever been to one craft fair (outside on a windy May day, with all the joys of putting up a gazebo, never again) and my son's summer fair at school so it was a bit of an experiment.  This one was run by Ealing Mums in Business and the two women who organised it - Erin and Shelley - did an amazing job.  Not only was it packed to the rafters, but they seemed to have got the demographics just right for potential buyers of my lovely fabric bags and accessories! Almost everyone seemed to be carrying Cath Kidston shopping bags and whipping out Orla Kiely purses. Consequently I was thrilled to actually sell quite a lot of my things - yay.  

My best sellers were lavender bags



and these retro owl cushions

Anybody who grew up in the 70's immediately wanted one of these!

Although it was fab to sell so much, it got me worrying that I need to make more stock for the other fairs to avoid the horror of running out of stock on the day, or even worse, having a fair to go to and nothing to sell!  I've got six weeks until the next one so I think I'll be spending a lot of time sewing.  I got started yesterday on this fabric bundle:

The Woo Woo bundle!
It's the Little Birds Woo Woo bundle (love the name) by Valori Wells from a great new online fabric shop I've just discovered called Backstitch.  It's amazing what you can squeeze out of three fat quarters.  

Small purses, just need to add snaps and they're done.
I made six small purses and cut out the fabric for four large purses but then realised the birds were all facing the wrong way (doh).  So I chopped them up and will turn them into lavender bags instead.  I've still got quite a bit left so it was a really good purchase.  Will keep you updated on my other makes..


  1. I love the lavender bags and your fabric choices!! Feel free to steal the ghostie idea for your boys, we whipped it up in an hour!!!

  2. Well done on selling so many things. I'm not surprised as they are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations on all those sales you made, how exciting for you, I can see you've a busy few months ahead. I love your socialite dress - great minds think alike, I've got both the pattern and that fabric sitting in my stash too.




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