Friday 8 October 2010

Vintage Patterns

Debi from My Happy Sewing Place is running a fab giveaway at the moment.  Her blog is all about vintage fashion (particularly the 1940's), check out some of her gorgeous clothes. She's giving away one pattern for each decade from the 1930's to the 1960's.  All you have to do to enter is be a follower of her blog and leave a comment on it by Wednesday 13th October.  I'd love to start sewing from vintage patterns but find them a bit brusque and scary looking (I like lots of fool proof instructions personally).  One of the patterns in her giveaway looks very tempting though:  

It's for a set of collars from the 1950's (1950 to be exact).  Sounds like the perfect introduction to sewing from vintage patterns.  I've also got my eye on this beauty from the 1930's:  

The blue dress on the right is my fave, I'm not exactly a tennis playing girl so would have limited use for a combined shorts/dress combo!  If I don't win, then I've decided to make my first foray into vintage patterns by tracking one down.  I'll chart my progress right here..


  1. I love the idea of sewing from vintage patterns but aren't the measurements all completely wrong these days. Might have to look into that one!

  2. I've found a few guides to making adjustments, including one on Gertie's blog for better sewing that looks useful. I think it will be mostly trial and error though!



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