Thursday 21 October 2010

Pinny frenzy

Remember this pinny?

Well I was so pumped up with confidence after all your lovely comments, I decided to make a few more to sell at Christmas.  So here they are, in suitably 50’s housewife fabrics.  

Chicken fest pinny
Apple pinny

Housewives in action pinny
The first two are from the Alexander Henry Farmdale range from M is for Make.  I love this range and the fabric is gorgeous to work with, really soft and stretchy. I read this about the collection, "these prints celebrate the era when the kitchen had curtains, mum wore homemade aprons and everything was made from scratch and filled with love." which says it all really.

The last pinny was made from some new fabric I got in the Seamstar sale just this week. It was born to be made into an old fashioned pinny!  This is my favourite lady:

Cool ironing gal
It's how I like to think of myself doing the ironing!

I loved making them, they're so easy, and if they don't sell they'll make fab Christmas presents. x


  1. Love them! The last fabric especially is super cute.

  2. Cute pinnies! I also have those two Farmdale fabrics (in the pinkier colourway) and had planned to make shirtdresses out of mine. A bit kitsch maybe, but summer fun!

  3. No, I agree! There's a grey Farmdale blossom print I'm going to get to make into a 30's shirt dress. x

  4. I love your pinnies, you can see from my blog how obsessed I am with making them myself!

    Thanks also for sharing the fabric links, I've not come across them before and they have such a great selection!



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