Thursday 14 October 2010

Farewell fabric

Today I used the last bits of two of my favourite fabrics, always a sad occasion! I got them in the sale at Saints and Pinners back in the summer but only managed to acquire one FQ of the Lizzy House ugly duckling fabric and two FQ's of the flowery turquoise Erin McMorris fabric.  I don't think the fabrics are available any more, which is a bit sad as they're both so lovely. I've been getting them out of my stash on a regular basis ever since, just to play with them, but with craft fairs looming decided to turn them into crafty things.  

Because the ugly duckling is so elusive, the most obvious option was a cushion:

Whereas the turquoise flowers are so retro and bright and lovely, they could be turned into almost anything.  So in their new life, they're now... 

mobile phone holders...

 little purses...

Small purse lined with dark pink polka dots

... and lavender bags.  I don't have any pics of the lavender bags because they all sold out at the last craft fair before I could photograph them.  So far, out of three FQ's, I've managed to make a cushion, two small purses, four mobile phone holders and six lavender bags. Hope they all go to good homes.


  1. Hello Jane
    Just stumbled upon your blog (via Debi My Happy Sewing Place) and realised that you're the lady who emailed me about your lovely green Sencha blouse! So glad you started a blog - welcome to the blogosphere! I love the things you've made - very inspiring.
    Happy sewing



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