Thursday 4 November 2010

Gearing up for skirt making

I’ve been spending all my sewing time making stuff for xmas craft fairs recently and am starting to get withdrawal symptoms! When I was making my niece’s xmas dress last week I realised I’d been really missing it – I want to do some dressmaking.  There’s something about the whole ritual of cutting out a pattern, choosing fabric and making it up that’s far more satisfying than making endless purses and cushions (although I do enjoy that, just not for weeks on end).

As a result, I’ve got a backlog of patterns crying out to be made into clothes. Top of the list is the Beignet skirt from my favourite pattern designer – Colette Patterns.

I really could do with making it now, as it’s the sort of skirt I’d wear all winter, and the fabric I’ve bought is quite winter-friendly (a heavyish navy cotton drill).  I’ve seen some really inspiring versions of this skirt too, which has been making me even more impatient to sew it.   One of my favourites is the 70’s style denim skirt made by Tilly.  I’ll be copying her method of sewing the pockets and facing in a contrast fabric - red with white polka dots in this case. So here are the ingredients for my Beignet.  The only thing missing is the thin cotton navy lining but you get the idea…

 Aren’t the red buttons fab?  

I found them on a tiny little stall in Shepherd’s Bush market and there were only twelve left.  The Beignet skirt needs twelve buttons (a scary thought, all those buttonholes!) so that sealed their fate.  My plan is to cut it out next week...


  1. oooo looking forward to seeing how this looks when finished

  2. Love the colors! I've been obsessed with blue and red recently. Can't wait to see the final product.

  3. I don't want to worry you but I can only see 11 buttons!!!

  4. When I was posting the photos I counted the buttons and nearly had a heart attack when I saw there were only 11! Thankfully the other one was still in my button jar! Thanks for noticing. x

  5. Love the color combo!! It will look fabulous.....sorry again about the late pattern should arrive hopefully by Saturday or Monday! :-)

  6. Ooh lovely, my favourite pattern (thanks for the props!) and what a perfect colour combo. And yes, those buttons are delightful.



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