Sunday 21 November 2010

Shoe bag

Remember this post and my triumph at finding the shoe print fabric?  Well, here's the finished result.  

A cute little bag just large enough for a pair of your high heeled finest.  I actually made this as a commission for a friend, but it's such a good idea I may have to steal it (I also have lots of left over shoe fabric looking hopefully at me).

In other news, I've cut out my first vintage pattern (fanfare of trumpets).  

The red poly cotton fabric I'm using was cheap as chips at £2 a metre, so if it all goes horribly wrong I'll use it as a practice muslin.  If it all goes beautifully right then I've got a new top for £4 (yes!)

I'm also gearing up for my first sew-along - the Collette Pattern Crepe Dress hosted by Gertie. I'm still umming and ahhing about fabric.  I wanted some of the Japanese double gauze she featured in a recent post, but it was from a US fabric shop and ridiculously expensive to boot. I couldn't find a UK supplier so I may just copy the colour and fabric pattern (black or navy with polka dots - predictable, me?)  I'm going fabric shopping to the Goldhawk Road this week, so I'm sure I'll find something just as lovely for about a tenth of the price.  Anybody else doing the sew-along?  Would love to hear what fabrics you have in mind. x


  1. With the shoe bag is there a peice in the middle seperating the shoes? The fabric is so cute. I'm doing the sew-along, I am receiving a free pattern! I want to use a pale blue fabric with soft pink/coral dots but its quilting fabric so I'm really not sure if I should use it. Good luck with finding fabric! Are you going to get a contrasting fabric for the sash?

  2. Hi Kat, no there isn't a separating piece in the shoe bag, although that's a good idea, maybe in a later version...! Ooh I like the sound of your fabric. I think it depends on how floaty you want your dress as to whether you use quilting fabric. I'm probably not going to do a contrasting sash, depends what I see on my fabric expedition. Will keep you posted! x

  3. I made several shoe bags for my mother this summer. She lives in France and had bought some pretty 'polochon' pillowcases (the long sausage shaped ones...) in the sales, which I then cut into three pieces. The two ends became two regular sized pillowcases, and the bit in the middle, which was too small for a third pillowcase, became a shoe bag.

    Good luck with your fabric hunt. I found some very pretty double-gauzes from Fabric Tales in Japan, who deliver very quickly (2 to 3 days later and it's on your doorstep, for less than it costs to ship from the US, i.e. only about $11). They have a whole selection of double gauzes, ranging from $15 - $18 a yard. One of mine has a matryoshka border against black and white polka dots (which I suspect you'd like!), sadly I don't have enough to make the Crepe dress and they don't seem to have it anymore. I also have a blue spotty double gauze in the right quantity, but it has a slight border which will get lost in the Crepe dress... Instead, I think I'm going to go for a Liberty lawn or poplin (maybe even a twill), as I have quite a stash of that waiting to be used. Looking forward to seeing what you find!

  4. Lovely shoe bag Jane, I'm sure your friend and her friend will both be thrilled! Good luck with your first vintage pattern too, hope you have fun with it! Sadly I won't be doing the sew along...there's no way I will be able to organise myself by the 6th Dec, as I'm on holiday next week for a week :o(

  5. I love the shoe bag but your patterns are so fun!

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone and Marie, have a great holiday! Nathalie - I've literally spent the last three days glued to the Fabric Tales website! There are so many fabrics I'd love to buy but I have to be sensible! I'm going to sit down with all my patterns and work out what fabric I need for each one, instead of buying the whole lot and bankrupting myself! x

  7. That shoe bag is just lovely, what a great idea.
    I've just been having a read through your blog, I can't remember the last time I made something for me - I'm feeling a little envious - maybe after Christmas I can 'treat myself' to some ME sewing!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog - maybe one day we'll stop being a bit photo-phobic!? x



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