Thursday 18 November 2010

Lovely things I've found

I recently made my first purchase from Beth at The Linen Cat.  I’ve been a big fan of the Linen Cat blog for a while, but never bought anything for my boys as they would just wreck them. As special Christmas presents for my nieces however, they're perfect. I ordered a cashmere bear and a linen mouse which arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with very stylish labels attached.

I'd actually love a dress like this...
They are both exquisitely handmade, with real attention to detail.  Beth also uses a lot of tweed in her work which I really like.  Which leads me on to the best bit  - as there was a delay in processing the order because of a rubbish e-mail connection, she sent me this set of tweed trimmed spring birds.

Talk about customer service!  I’m thrilled with them, they’re going straight on my Christmas tree.

Another discovery I made recently is a new website called handmade and vintage.  As you'd guess from the name, they stock some lovely, unusual vintage bits, including these packs of vintage bias binding I picked up

The contents of the shop change depending on what treasures have been found, so it's worth popping back to see what's new.  I just had another look now and saw some beautiful old French buttons for sale.  Hmm, definitely tempted...

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Huge thanks for such a lovely mention, I'm really pleased you like my work and especially pleased you have such patience with regards to missing emails!

    Off to check out the handmade and vintage link as I LOVE vintage sewing supplies.




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