Saturday 1 October 2011

Liberty Rocks

Hello and thank you so much for all your good wishes.  I'm almost running at full pelt again, with a shiny new computer and a rather large scar on my neck.  I'm not quite feeling up to modelling my newest make (fab sailor trousers) but promise to show them off next week.  In the meantime I wanted to show you two sublime fabrics I bought recently on a trip to Liberty.

My friend Emma completely loves anything to do with birds, her entire house is bird themed (in a good way though, not in a weird Norman Bates way...)

so when I heard about the new Liberty Rocks collection I knew exactly which fabric had her name on it.  This latest collection has been designed by musicians and artists and is well worth a look - the prints are not only beautiful, but refreshingly different from the usual Liberty Tana Lawn (lovely though it is).  The print I bought for Emma was designed by Edwyn Collins formerly front man for Orange Juice and latterly successful solo artist.  In 2005, at the age of just 45, Edwyn suffered a severe stroke and was unable to move, speak, read or write.  As part of his long rehabilitation he re-learnt how to draw, and was soon drawing a bird a day, many of which are included on this amazing fabric design. 

I recently read the book Falling and Laughing written by his partner, Grace Maxwell, which outlines the whole story.  Through sheer iron will and determination he gradually begins to regain some of the abilities he lost overnight.  This was a man who used to devour Russian literature and who now had to be taught to read again with Peter and Jane books.  I couldn't put it down - it's a very inspiring read.

Anyway, back to the fabric, my birthday present to Emma was a metre of the Edwyn Collins Ornithology fabric and a promise to make her something from it.  It's very bird heavy (which is kind of the point, I know) but I'm sure will look fab as a sleeveless top or even a skirt - and before you start worrying, Emma is tiny so one metre will be plenty.

Whilst I was swooning over the collection, one fabric just leapt out at me so I had no choice but to give it a good home.

It's actually a bit more colourful in real life

It's designed by artist John Squire (who used to be in The Stone Roses don't you know). It's very plain and grey and charcoally but I really love the simple geometric design.  I think it will end up as another Violet blouse, it's crying out to be made into something vintage inspired and Peter Pan collared.  Yes, Liberty fabric is expensive, but sometimes a girl needs to treat herself.  I'm getting quite excited about it already... x


  1. Welcome back, Jane! Glad to hear that things are as well as can be expected, but hope you're taking it easy and looking after yourself. I love that bird fabric.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics Jane...once and again it's great to treat yourself to something a bit special. Glad to hear you're making a good recovery, just take it easy until you're back to 100%!xx

  3. Glad to hear you are recovering well Jane.
    I love your geometric print! It is probably a good thing I live on the other side of the world to Liberty!

  4. Love the bird fabric, I think I'd seen it online but was hoping my local fabric shop would get some it amongst their other Liberty fabrics. Your geometric print will make a fantastic blouse too.

    Glad you're feeling better

    K x

  5. Welcome back Jane!! Missed You lOads -New sailor trousers eh? You temptress!! Wonderful fabrics and thank you for a bit more about the bird fabric and Edwyn collins' story. I've heard a few interviews, but hadn't realised his wife had also told her side. How inspiring! Good to have you back xx

  6. welcome back! glad to hear that you're feeling better. excellent Liberty choices - looking forward to seeing them made up. x

  7. Love the geometric fabric - the charcoal colour would make a v chic blouse! You should get a Liberty members card - I have one and they quite often send me 15% off cards, once I even got a free £5 voucher. It's free to sign up as well. It might lead to more fabric buying though...

  8. So glad to have you back and hope you feel 100% soon. Love Liberty Rocks stuff - good for you on spoiling yourself, I think you deserve it :)



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