Friday 23 September 2011

Reasons for radio silence...

My beloved laptop was officially declared dead as a dodo on Sunday, which is one of the reasons I've been a bit quiet recently.  I'm writing this at the library, but being a technical idiot, I'm afraid these few paragraphs are the best I can offer when it comes to blog posting skills outside the home.  Even though I've got tons of things to share with you (new fabric purchases for starters) and show off about (recently finished sailor trousers), I'll be taking a short break from blogging until my new computer is delivered and installed.  This also coincides with my having to undergo a minor op next week (nothing serious, honest!)

I'll be back once we're both (the computer and I) back up and running.  Don't go away though, once I'm back I'll be celebrating my one year blog anniversary with the best giveaway ever. Looking forward to catching up with you all then.  Have a lovely weekend. Jane x


  1. I second that! We really have missed you Jane - I hope the op goes well though and I cannot wait to see your sailor trousers and fabric finds!

  2. Somehow I knew that you would be beavering away behind the seams / scenes!
    Good luck with op and new technology :)

  3. Hehe... Behind the seams...

    Good luck on the new computer! Hope it arrives quickly. Get well soon! Remember, sick people are allowed to buy all the new fabric and patterns they want. It speeds the healing process. *nods seriously* ^_~

  4. Hope aLl goes well Jane. Missing you too. Look forward to your reveals xx

  5. Hope everything goes well for you on both counts!

    Looking forward to seeing your new purchases and show n tells :o)

    Have a peachy weekend.

  6. Oh my! My computer *almost* died a couple of weeks ago. I was freaking out a bit since I hadn't backed up my hard drive in ages. Luckily my husband did some nerdy magic on it and he made it work again. Took him two days to do it, though. So I can relate to your lost...kinda.

    Hope you didn't lose anything on your computer and you're back online soon!

  7. I wondered where you were! Good to hear from you, best of luck with your operation x



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