Thursday 9 December 2010

Christmas Swap

Here's my last attempt at making handmade gifts (or anything of a craft nature for that matter) before I become consumed in hard core dressmaking for the next few weeks (I'm definitely taking part in two sewalongs and teetering on the edge of joining a third!). 

First off are the things I made for a swap organised by Louise from Sew Scrumptious. The rules were, to make at least one handmade Christmas decoration, a Christmas card and a Christmas chocolate, send them to your swap partner and receive the same in return.  Well, I need some more handmade decorations and wanted to have a go at making some myself so this was perfect. (plus I get free chocolate and stuff through the post, yay).

So here’s what I made….

It's a xmas tree card in case you're wondering!
…and here’s what I received

I’m thrilled, I love the handmade bird (especially the wing) and handmade ceramic hearts (yes, handmade!) but I’m sorry to say the chocolates I received never made it in front of the camera (too busy being stuffed in my mouth).  I also learnt that the blogosphere is a very small world indeed.  My lovely swap partner was Cath from e.giraffe.  It only turns out that she’s the sister-in-law of one of my oldest friends!!!!!!  How spooky is that?  

Finally here's a squashy cushion I made for my six year old helicopter-loving son:

It was ridiculously quick to make - I didn't bother with zips or buttons, just two overlapping flaps on the back, like a pillowcase, easy peasy.

Right, off to start sewing, along with half the world. x


  1. Love all your swap things. Gorgeous. Also love that cushion cover! Can't believe that you and Cath have that connection. What a small world!! I met Cath randomly at a craft fair and we worked out that we also have mutual friends in common and were both at their wedding several years previously!

  2. Very small world indeed my husband's dad used to work with my great aunt , also wierd. Love the russian doll and the blue bird

  3. ooh such lovely things! Makes me very tempted to get a christmas tree (something I don't usually do) so I can decorate it with gorgeous things, although that's a bit ambitious seeing as there isn't much time left before the big day... maybe next year!



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