Wednesday 12 October 2016

#Sewdots Challenge

This month I'm joining in the #Sewdots challenge hosted by Rosie at DIY Couture. The challenge is to sew a dotty item of clothing during October, share a picture of it on social media and make a donation to support RNIB and raise awareness of braille. As the parent of a child with sensory issues, this campaign struck a chord with me so I was more than happy to get involved. Ha!! As if I need any excuse to sew polka dots! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I'm a big fan!  

Looking for inspiration was no hardship. To be honest I can envisage pretty much any pattern working with polka dots, so my "research" was focused on a particular colour combination. My fabric is a poly chiffon-y type mix that I picked up from Scruffy Badger at a fabric swap years ago. I think it was left over from this blouse and it's only an 80cm remnant, but that's fine as it's just enough for what I have in mind. The colourway of red polka dots on a white background is one you don't see very often, but a quick perusal of my Pinterest Polka Dot board soon gave me the inspiration I needed:

This image of a polka dot bow blouse worn with jeans and a fitted cardigan is one of my favourite pins ever and is also the most realistic in terms of how I plan to wear my new blouse. But there were a few others that also had me sighing over my computer.

1950's vintage dress with waistline bow detail…..

1940's flutter sleeved blouse….

And Ava Gardner looking splendid in a simple blouse with Peter Pan collar.

In the end I decided to use the No 3: Kastrup blouse from How to Do Fashion as my pattern. It doesn't require much fabric (a key consideration) and has really interesting details that I love.  I've already made good progress, so look out for another polka dot post pretty soon.

You can read more about #Sewdots on Rosie's blog here. It's a fab challenge and there are some great prizes to be won. So what are you waiting for? Choose your polka dot fabric and join in, it should be a lot of fun!  x


  1. I have had my eye on the pattern that you have chosen so I will look forward to your finished result. You inspiration is lovely and the style is right up my alley. Happy sewing.

  2. I'm a big fan pf polka dots too, although probably not as big one as you! The fabric you've chosen is gorgeous, I look forward to seeing the finished piece. I've literally just finished a white and blue silk polka dot blouse so will enter this is the competition. Right I'm off to make my donation.

  3. I'm not usually drawn to polka dots but that photograph of Ava Gardner and that flutter blouse... Can't wait to see what you make! x

  4. That inspiration is divine and the fabric won't require a complicated pattern. A simple design like the one you have choosen can make a great impact. Good luck!

  5. You look really gorgeous in this polka dots outfit.such a lovely vintage fabric and print as well



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