Wednesday 19 June 2013

Spring Sewing Swap

I've just taken part in the Spring Sewing Swap organised by Kerry at Kestrel Makes. Now, I love choosing things for other people, especially sewing goodies, and I love getting things through the post - so my taking part was a no-brainer. I was paired with Denise from Dottie Doodle and I had a wonderful time reading through her blog and trying to work out what she might like.  She'd obviously done the same with me as my swap parcel contained some blinders:

Vintage 1970's patterns - a fitted blouse and a shirt dress.

Floral cotton lawn, which would actually look good as a fitted blouse (see above!)

Vintage buttons and trim. I like the unusual colour of those coat buttons.

And the piece de resistance - vintage Habitat fabric featuring birds and cherries! 

I'll have to think very carefully about what I make with this as it's so, so lovely. My friend Emma would have plenty of ideas but she's not having it, it's MINE. The fabric is more of a decor weight so I'm thinking along the lines of a very special bag. 

AND, because Denise is so lovely, she also sent me one of her handmade notebook covers that she sells at craft fairs. 

Red polka dots? Yes please. I've been pondering whether to make a few of these for my xmas craft fairs, so it was really good to see one up close. They look easy peasy to make too - find out how in Dottie Doodle's tutorial here.

Thanks Denise, for such a fab, thoughtful parcel and to Kerry for organising the swap. Happy Wednesday. x


  1. These fabrics are sooo you... if I hadn't read the text I'd have thought this was your latest shopping haul. Well done Denise! And luck you Jane.

  2. I love the fabrics, they are perfect for you! What a great bunch of goodies.

  3. Birdies are always super cute:)

  4. Very nice - I particularly love the vintage Habitat fabric and those buttons look gorgeous, like big sweeties.

    1. Yes, the buttons remind me of sweets too! x

  5. Very nice! I have just bought some of the same floral cotton lawn :-)

  6. Oh wow! Love those patterns and that birdie fabric is to die for! xxx

  7. such a wonderful parcel of goodies. x

  8. What a lucky duck... a lovely parcel. Just love the shirt dress pattern.

  9. What an awesome swap packet. She did very well! I can't wait to see what you make.

  10. I love that first piece of fabric- and the buttons!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wow! Such fabulous treats - love he fabric, and the buttons and the . . . . ! I've just posted about my goodies from the lovely Philippa - do come and take a look! Thank-you Kestrel for setting this up :)



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