Tuesday 4 June 2013

Pin it Forward UK

For the past month or so, Pinterest has been running its Pin It Forward campaign to help spread the word about its official UK launch.  Small armies of bloggers have been waxing lyrical about what it is they like about Pinterest, and today it's my turn.

The idea behind Pinterest is that you can collect (or 'pin') images and pictures you find online onto a virtual pin board. You can then organise your images onto different subject boards and refer back to them whenever you want. It's as simple as that. It works brilliantly for me because I work much better with visual references, but I do have to ration myself severely, otherwise I'd be on there all day. And I mean literally. All. Day.

I don't actually have a pin board at home, which is a shame because I'd love to be able to see and be inspired by pictures of lovely things whilst I work. But the good news is that I can really make Pinterest work for me as a reference tool. I can pin the images I like and order them by theme - as many as I like too as there's no limit to the number of pins or boards you want to create! The other big advantage is that you can follow other people, check out what they've pinned to their boards and repin any images that take your fancy. I love discovering new boards and pinners, especially if they have a taste for the same kinds of things as me. And that's exactly why it's so addictive! 

It's a fabulous resource for dressmakers. One of my favourite boards is my Sewing Inspiration board.

This is where I pin outfits or garments I like the look of. It needn't necessarily be something I want to make, I might just like the look of it, the colour, the shape, the skirt, the buttons, the collar. Anything. It just needs to catch my eye. I also like to pin things by colour. Red....

Or yellow.

Or by pattern. I have a polka dots board...and a gingham one... and a stripes one. And one of handsome men ….

Sometimes just scrolling through my boards will give me the inspiration I need for a certain project. Remember my lace trimmed collar and placket for Marie's Watch this Lace project?

That was totally inspired by this dress I'd pinned to my yellow board.

And my Sew for Victory dress?

The pattern was one I'd pinned to my patterns board and was able to track down.

I think I can safely say I'm a fan! If you haven't joined Pinterest already, you can do so here. The next blogger in the campaign who will be spreading the Pinterest love is Kim Dellow. She'll be sharing her blog post tomorrow and you can find her Pinterest boards here

Happy pinning everybody! x 


  1. Is this a sponsored post?

    1. No it is not. They just asked me to spread the word about their UK launch, which I'm more than happy to do.

  2. When I first heard about Pinterest, I thought "OK, I'll sign up for that", but you had to join using either FB or twitter. Now, I do have both a Facebook account and a twitter account, but I prefer to keep my social media accounts separate. Hence I haven't got round to joining Pinterest myself, though I've often looked at other people's boards.

    1. I think you can join without going through a Facebook or Twitter account. Go to this link: https://pinterest.com/join/signup/ and click on the red font under the Facebook and Twitter logos that says 'or sign up with your email address'. x

    2. Thanks for the update- I've just signed up, and finding it all rather overwhelming! But I'm not one to give up on social media and I *will* get to grip with it!

  3. I just discovered Pinterest and love it! It is very addictive though- you can literally spend an endless amount of time on it!

  4. Here's why I don't use Pinterest: http://greekgeek.hubpages.com/hub/Is-Pinterest-a-Haven-for-Copyright-Violations

    The short answer: it's illegal and unethical.

  5. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward UK, Jane! You have found amazing sewing inspirations on Pinterest and I love all the patterns you have used for your projects! After looking through your Sewing Inspiration board, I really want to learn how to sew now! The Muse d'Art Moderne Skirt in Red is very cute! Lauren, Community Coordinator



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