Sunday 20 January 2013

Name that dummy - the big reveal

Thank you so much to everybody who entered the giveaway to guess the name of my dummy. It was fascinating reading your guesses. For a start, I had no idea there were so many names that began with an A! Secondly, most readers tend to associate a dummy with an old-fashioned name - Annabel was by far the most popular, followed by Agatha, Audrey and Alice. Unfortunately, the dummy's name isn't of the old-fashioned variety. Scruffy Badger was thinking along the right lines when she tried to get into my 1970's/1980's cultural mindset. Sadly, even though the names she came up with were awesome, the dummy's name wasn't amongst them.

Get to the point Jane, what's the bloody name??!! Well, the truth is NOBODY guessed the actual name of my dummy! If I was Rumpelstiltskin, I'd be a doing a little dance of glee in my striped tights at this point, because the name of the dummy is…… ANGIE. Don't ask me why because I have absolutely no idea. Angie is a fine name though and she's in good company….
Angie Dickinson
Remember Police Woman from the 1970's? No? Maybe I was the only one who watched it.

Angie Bowie
David Bowie's first wife had her own very distinctive style.

Angie Watts

And finally the wonderful Angie Watts. The Queen Vic's original and best landlady. 

If somebody asked me what Angie was short for I'd say Angela. So although nobody actually guessed Angie, one reader guessed Angela, so hoorah for Sarah Shewring who gets the turquoise knit fabric. There were a further handful of entries that included Angelina, Angeline, Angel and Angelique so I think it's only fair that one from that group receives the second prize. The randomly chosen winner is Jacq C who went for Angelina and receives a jiving 1950's style half apron. If you could email me your addresses ladies, I'll get your prizes out to you. 

Thank you again to everybody who entered and took the trouble to comment. I love conversations about names so I had a lot of fun reading your comments. I'm definitely going to do something similar for my next giveaway. 

It's currently snowing outside and everybody is wisely staying indoors. It's a perfect day to make marmalade which is what I'm going to do today. Happy Sunday. x


  1. Congrats to the 2 winners ...yay
    joan in italy

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much, I love that apron. I will email you directly :)
    PS - you are not alone, I used to watch Police Woman too (well, when I was allowed, my Dad used to think it was too violent, along with Kojak, Charlie's Angels and The Professionals. Innocent times!)

  3. Ha Ha!! What a great name, and now I have "Angie Baby" in my head, and I can't remember who sang it... :)

    1. Oo, oo, oo! I can help out there, Helen reddy sang 'Angie baby' brilliant song and hark back to the late 70s....

    2. LOL! I was about to comment about that song... it had some spooky lyrics IIRC :)

  4. Oh No!!! I am kicking myself now! possibly even with your striped tights on! I was going to say Angie! I even typed it in! but then I deleted it because I mistakenly thought that although Angie is a regular name from where I come from, maybe it's unknown in England. Angie was a lovely girl who lived across the road from me when I was growing up, and we loved playing dress-ups! So glad you have your own Angie to play dress-up with! congratulations to the winners. x

  5. Jane, love it!! What a great name, and I can't imagine you ever shortening it to 'ange' ( grrr, auto spell correct really doesn't like that , giving me angle, angler and more, but there, it's done now)

  6. Wooohoooooo!!! I have just danced round my kitchen in delight!! Thank you! Thank you! I guessed it (nearly) right!!! Can't stop smiling now...x

  7. I work with an Angie and she is fabulous! Congratulations to the winners!

  8. Congrats to the winners and might I just say that Dave is much better placed with Iman! Though I am still available should he have a change of heart!



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