Sunday 9 January 2011

and the winners are.....!

Thank you so much everybody for entering my New Year giveaway, I'm amazed at how popular it was!  Hello to all my new followers and I look forward to catching up on everybody's blogs in the next few weeks.  Anyway, back to business, the winners are.

Lynn!!!  who wins the gorgeous Sew Serendipity Book. and.

Marcia W!!! who wins the Liberty fat quarters.  Congratulations ladies, if you could e-mail me with your addresses, I'll get your prizes to you tomorrow. 

And just in case you're wondering who the barefooted, dirty finger-nailed beggar is who drew the names out of the hat - it's my son, before I dragged him to the sink to get washed and dressed!

Thanks again everyone and I'll be back next week with an update on my sewalong progress. Jane x


  1. Congratulations to Lynn and Marcia!

  2. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think your coffee morning idea sounds fab and a great charity to support also. Let me know when you do it and I will blog about it!

  3. Hi Jane! Sorry to leave a random comment on your blog, but I figure you're more likely to notice it here than on mine ;o) I just got so excited that you too are doing Casey's sewalong and I wanted to ask if you are ordering the actual pattern or just a pdf. I wouldn't know where to begin with a pdf, though it is quite a bit cheaper...would love to know your thoughts!

  4. Hi Marie, hoorah for the Casey sewalong, so glad you're doing it too, we can exchange notes! I'm a bit of a luddite with PDFs and computers etc so I chickened out and ordered the real pattern. With postage it worked out at £16.98 but I'll probably make two versions, one in summer fabric and one in red wool (blatantly copying Casey here but her version is just GORGEOUS) so worth it I think in the long run. I'm putting the finishing touches to my Crepe dress and am half way through my trousers so I'm just about keeping afloat with all the other sewalongs! x

  5. Wow Jane, I still can't believe how many sewalongs you are taking part in...good on you!!! I'm glad you're doing Casey's though, will be good to swap notes with someone ;o) I think I've decided to go for the PDF, even though it won't be as nice as having the real pattern...hopefully it'll be easy enough to cellotape together! Hope to see your crepe dress soon ;o)



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