Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas sewing gift ideas

Having a hobby/pastime/obsession like sewing should make us stitchy types easy to buy for. Well that may be true in theory, but sewing is a broad old topic to cover, plus I'm a fusspot, so I thought I'd compile a list of my favourites just in case Father Christmas happens to be reading my blog. Or my husband for that matter....

The one fabric that I really do love is double gauze. It's wonderful to sew with and its fine double layered properties mean you can sew with it all year round. The Etsy shop Miss Matatabi has the most comprehensive selection of Japanese fabrics on the block, all of which are just beautiful. If I had to choose my favourites though, they'd be these two from Nani Iro's Dear Mother's Girlhood collection. Swoon.



With such fine fabrics I'd need a high quality interfacing to do it justice, and in my opinion, The English Couture Company produce the very finest. I bought some for my Abbey Coat and have been a convert ever since.

I'd love to nail the fit on a bodice next year and I think the Elisalex dress from By Hand London may just be the pattern to help me achieve this. The skirt doesn't appeal to me at all, it's the perfectly fitting bodice I want to get my hands on. I can always add my own skirt - and if I want inspiration I'll just look through Roisin's many, many gorgeous versions.

Posh sewing notions anybody? Oooh yes, and they don't come much posher looking than Merchant & Mills. I'd like some Baby Bow Scissors, a pot of Tailor's Beeswax and a Pin Magnet please.

Aren't these vintage sewing machine prints by printmaker Debi Holland just darling? I've already bought these for two sewing pals and they were very well received. She also does prints of vintage typewriters and cameras….

And last, but most certainly not least, a copy of 110 Creations: A Sewist's Notebook by Beth Byrge.

Now I have to confess, I don't actually need one of these for Christmas - I bought one the second I saw it reviewed on Lauren's blog and have been feverishly filling it in ever since it arrived. What? Wait until Christmas Day? Are you out of your mind?! In case you haven't realised, this is a special notebook for keeping note of all your sewing projects! 110 in fact: you can record all your ideas for patterns, what fabrics and notions to use, alterations etc AND you even get to colour in a little croquis for each project.

Example page

A page from my copy, all filled in!
There are also pages for keeping check of how many patterns you own, categorised by garment. Making these kinds of lists is how I currently spend my entire waking life, so this notebook is basically  all my Christmases rolled into one! Hoorah.

Do you have any sewing goodies you absolutely have to get your hands on this Christmas? Spill the beans please. x


  1. My Mum is making me a patchwork cover for my new sewing machine !

  2. Oh my.....I need that notebook in my life!

  3. I would love any of those things you've put on your list for Santa (husband ahem). Good choices.

  4. I love the Merchant and Mills goodies.
    Looking at the site I'd love the leather needle case.

  5. Hi Jane, lovely Christmas list!

    I have a question about double gauze if you don't mind. When I first read about this I thought the point must be that you don't have to line it. Yet since then I've read more posts about it and it did need lining. So my question is, apart from being nice quality and having lovely Japanese prints on it, what is the purpose of doubling the gauze?

    Thanks for all the inspiring posts. Your blog is one of the first sewing blogs I came across and remains a favourite.

    Cheers, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, single gauze fabric on its own is loosely woven and light but can often be quite sheer. Double gauze is effectively two layers of gauze woven together at intervals, so it retains its light, airy qualities but the additional layer prevents it from being sheer. This makes it lovely to wear in hot climates but it's also soft and cosy for cooler climates. I've used it a few times for dressmaking and have never felt the need to add extra lining, even lighter colours still remain opaque. I don't use interfacing for collar or facing areas either when I'm sewing with double gauze as the extra layer gives it a bit more stability. I'm a big fan for all kinds of different reasons! x

  6. I love your drawing in the 101 book :)

  7. Ooo!! There are lots of lovely goodies in this post! I love the double gauze fabric. Re Elisalex, don't let the shape of the skirt put you off, I think it would look great on you.

  8. OOOoh I love that book! So neat!!
    Love that fabric too.
    I love to get my hands on one of those Japanese sewing magazines or books...

  9. I'd be very grateful for any of those...but that Gratitude fabric is too delicious!



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