Sunday 27 February 2011

Vintage Pattern Haul

When I was going through my stash recently, I noticed I was sadly lacking in vintage patterns.  This sorry situation had to be addressed - and quickly.  So after a couple of weeks of obsessive hunting and gathering on eBay, I'm now the proud owner of this fab haul of vintage lovelies.

Let me outline my plans for each of them (oh how I love doing this!) 

Simplicity 4238 from 1953.  I've got a hankering to sew with gingham and I think this sleeveless top would  be perfect.

If you can look past the grey haired old frumpsters on the front of this Maudella pattern (they're probably only about 25), it's actually a really stylish shirt dress.  I'd love to sew a full skirted shirt dress, but I don't think the style suits my shape particularly.  This fitted style is more more flattering.  I like view 1, but I'm still pondering which fabric to use, perhaps something with a vertical stripe?  Any ideas?

Next is Advance 8589 from 1958.  Perversely, it wasn't the boxy jacketed suit that caught my eye on this pattern (although it is lovely, just a little boxy for me).  No, it's the drawstring waisted top she's wearing underneath that sang to me. 

 It looks like a doddle to sew too, perhaps in this larger blue floral fabric?

Blue flowered fabric, about to start a new life as a 1950's drawstring waisted top?
I may save this Advance 9597 evening top until the Autumn to sew. In which case I'll try it in a double knit so I don't have to use a zip.  View 2 is my favourite, possibly in a green.  "What?", I hear you cry, "green, not grey or navy or red?"  Well, there's a sort of method to my madness.  I've got strange coloured eyes - they're basically grey (which is why I like grey), but if I happen to wear green, they weirdly change colour to green, which I like very much.  I don't wear green very often, but I think this pattern in a soft jersey knit may be the perfect one to introduce a bit more green into my wardrobe, and turn me green eyed at the same time of course.

At this stage in my eBay binge, there was quite an overload of tops, so I slipped a classic 1972 skirt pattern in there too.

A-line skirts are the most flattering shape on me so I thought I'd start with view 2, then if that turns out OK, venture into side pleats territory and attempt view 1.  The colours on the pattern look quite reassuring (!) and it was such a delight sewing with gabardine recently (for my 1940's trousers) that I'd like to use it again for these skirts.  There may have to be a bit of width added to the pattern pieces, as sadly I'm no longer the owner of a 26 inch waist, but it shouldn't be too difficult to do. And there ends my vintage sewing plans....

In other news, I've almost finished my swing dress (yippee).  I just need to insert an invisible zip (easier said than done).  I hope to post pictures and a full postmortem next week.

Has anybody else got grand plans for their precious vintage patterns?  I'd love to hear them. x


  1. That shirt dress looks really nice.

  2. I have been sorting through my vintage patterns lately. I have the opposite problem of yours, I have too many vintage patterns. So far, I have found three duplicates. I think I might have to do a give-away on my blog soon.

  3. Gosh I love that shirt dress, it's really lovely and a great classic and useful style.

  4. Lovely batch of patterns and that blue rose fabric is to die for!

    And yes, what is it with Maudella patterns? I have one that describes itself as a 'Matron's Dress' (and not of the hospital variety)... How offputting is that?! Then again it was the 60s and presumably if you were young, you were rocking a mini!

  5. Oh fantastic patterns! My faves are the a-line skirt and the shirt dress. The skirt will look fantastic in a gabardine. The simplicity 4238 will be perfect with gingham. Can't wait to see what fabrics you choose. Not sure what I'd do with the shirt dress - lately I've been a little paralysed by choice! x

  6. Lovely patterns, looking forward to seeing how your projects turn out. And really looking forward to seeing your swing dress!

  7. My my that is quite the ebay haul! I do love the last top you posted. I have a hard time finding vintage patterns cause they are all so high necked. Anything super duper high makes me look all boob so I need something a bit more scoopy. This top would be perfect!

  8. Lovely patterns - I especially love all the blouse ones. I think I have the purple version of the blue rose fabric - A1 Fabrics? Look forward to seeing what you make from them all! x

  9. Hi Jane,

    The Maudella shirt dress is very cool. I thinka e herringbone or maybe an oversized dog tooth pattern would look nice. I've banned myself from buying any more vinatage patterns as i yet to make anything from the stash i currently have!

  10. What lovely patterns. That blue fabric is gorgeous, and looks like it'd be just right for that top.

    You've definitely inspired me to go dig through my pattern collection for inspiration. I've got lots picked up from charity shops recently, and it's such a shame not to make them!

  11. Wonderful finds! I like that drawstring blouse, too...Pretty. The flower fabric is lovely!

    Also, I envy those of you who find vintage patterns at op shops...Not once have I seen that! Maybe it is where I live...

  12. Ooh lovely patterns, I think the 50s blouse in the floral will look fab. Do that soon because I want to see it!!

    Kate x

  13. Gorgeous! I think I inherited that skirt pattern from my Mum. I haven't sewn it up yet.

  14. I am very envious of your vintage collection. I have quite a lot of knitting patterns (blogged about one recently) but not for dressmaking. I love you swing dress too, the photographs show clearly your beautiful workmanship



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