Monday 27 September 2010

Housewife's half pinny

A few weeks ago, I did a fabric swap with Louise from Sew Scrumptious. Louise has a great blog and makes some really lovely craft items.  She's also been fantastically encouraging about starting my own blog.  We swapped fabrics, Swap Shop style, and a week later I received a metre of this gorgeous pink and grey roses fabric.  I love roses and I love grey so it was perfect.

Weekends Lilyrose Grey by Erin McMorris
The print has Doris Day written all over it, so today I decided to make a 50's housewife-style half pinny with it (as you do).  I consulted a few tutorials and sort of made the rest up as I went along and half an hour later I was the proud owner of this:

(apologies for the T-Rex arms on the dummy, I think it's the camera angle!)
It was pretty simple to make, I even added a few gathers at the top just for the hell of it.

And here's the pale pink polka dot lining…

I'm quite tempted to make a few more and sell them - I've got loads of flowery fabrics which would be perfect. If I do, I'll make the tie straps longer - they just about tie into a bow around me and I'm smallish. 

I love it, can't wait to make some more.  I just need to practice being a housewife now...    


  1. Be a 'Mad Men' style housewife, it looks like far more fun. Gorgeous apron :)

  2. That is gorgeous! Fantastic use of that fabric. Just need to make something with the lovely fabric you sent me now. Will put a link on my blog later so that people can have a look and check out your blog. x

  3. What a great swap! I love the fabric you sent too. Your apron has turned out beautifully and you must look stunning in the kitchen now!

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments, what a confidence boost! I think I will start modelling myself on a Mad Men housewife now I have the costume! x



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