Thursday 13 August 2015

The Made Up Initiative

I'm very excited to help spread the word about the Made Up initiative, the brainchild of Karen at Did You Make That? The initiative - which launches today - is in support of the National Literacy Trust, a charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK. But how does it work? Well, like all the best ideas, it's a simple one and it combines two of my great passions: sewing and reading! Readers of Karen's blog are invited to donate an amount of money to the National Literacy Trust via Just Giving. In doing so, they pledge to sew, make or otherwise create something to a deadline. It's as simple as that, all you need to do is donate and get sewing! As an added bonus, all finished creations that meet the deadline of September 10th are automatically entered into a fab prize giveaway worth over £300!

The Made Up initiative is a wonderful idea and one that's very close to my heart. I was brought up in a book loving household and could read before I started school, thanks to the patience of my mum and a set of flash cards. That was just the start of a lifelong love affair with books. I'm always reading, always, always, always. I couldn't wait to start reading to my sons when they were born and happily, they've both turned out to be book lovers too. I was lucky and my children are lucky, but this isn't the case for every child, which is why raising money for the National Literacy Trust is so important. I'm delighted to be able to support this venture through my love of sewing, even if it is on a small scale.

"Support like this is vital to our work and helps ensure that we can continue to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to success in life." - National Literacy Trust

It's also an excellent opportunity for the sewing community to come together and make a real difference.

The big question is, what to make?! I must admit, the timing's not ideal as it's still the school holidays for a couple more weeks, but I like a challenge…! So I've decided to stretch myself and finally start work on my 1930's crepe de chine blouse.

I'll be using my beautiful aqua posy fabric from Til the Sun Goes Down and this 1930's blouse pattern.

I talked about making this back in March, but haven't actually lifted a finger since then, so this is just the kick up the arse I need to finally get sewing. I've made my pledge, will you be joining me? I hope so!  x

Further details about the Made Up initiative and a list of the amazing giveaway prizes can be found at Did you Make That?  Donations can be made on the Just Giving page. 


  1. I'm excited for two reasons: 1) I love Karen's Made Up initiative and 2) That's going to make a heck of a #vintagepledge :o)

    1. I'm excited for the same two reasons Marie! Have just hand washed my crepe de chine and silk organza interfacing today! x

  2. Jane, this is going to be so beautiful, I just know! Thanks for your support. My mum taught me to read with flash cards, too! I vividly remember those moments from my childhood and that really was a life changing gift. We are both lucky to have such great mums!

  3. This is so beautiful! Lovely idea :)

  4. It's a wonderful idea isn't it?! x



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