Tuesday 22 July 2014

Tiny little dog skirt

Sadly, the tiny little dog skirt in question is for my niece Hannah, and not for me. Hannah is soon to be seven and loves dogs (especially the family Beagle - Steve), so a cute little dog print skirt seemed like the perfect birthday present.

This was the fabric I used - one of the linen-look cottons from Plush Addict (I talk more about them here). I love the fact that the dogs are sporting a mixture of stripy, spotty, gingham and star prints - Aunty Jane definitely had a hand in choosing this fabric! It's an ideal fabric for children's clothes as it's relatively tough and hard wearing, so hopefully will survive multiple washes and fence climbing etc.

The skirt is basically a length of fabric, hemmed and seamed with elastic threaded through the top. That's all! It was so easy to make it was laughable, if I had a daughter, she'd have 100 different versions of it. I used this excellent Simple Skirt tutorial from Dana Made Itbut really all you need is a waist measurement and a rough idea of how long you want the skirt to be.

I bought both colour ways of the fabric (blue/grey and pink) as I wasn't sure which Hannah would go for. She chose blue for the skirt so I made her a cushion out of the pink….and another one from the blue fabric, just because! I did photograph the cushions, but plain cushion covers without anything inside them (they're being sent to Australia) are boring as hell, so I thought I'd spare you.

Thank you to everybody who left comments or emailed me with suggestions for girl's skirt patterns and tutorials. There are some amazing free resources out there so I thought I'd shared them with you here:

As well as the Simple Skirt tutorial I used, she also has tutorials for a Circle Skirt, Fiesta Style Skirt and Layered Skirt. Plus there are tons of other great looking tutorials for shorts, trousers and baby wear.

Lazy Day's Skirt pattern - an elastic waist skirt with pretty ribbon trim. Other free patterns include Sunny Days Shorts and Popover Sundress.

An Easy Tiered Skirt from their project design team. 

Rainbow Bias Tape Skirt - adorable! Or if you have a super girly girl, you could also try the Full Skirt with Trimmed Tulle!

I hope the links are useful and, more importantly, I hope Hannah likes her little dog skirt!
Have a great day everybody! x


  1. This is the most beautiful fabric! It's absolutely gorgeous.

  2. That is a very sweet looking skirt! I have been feeling lately like I should sew more presents. This post gave me fresh inspiration.

  3. It's beautiful. You inspired me to make a very similar skirt for my niece and I used the pink dog version. Plush Addict have sold out of all colour ways now. I made a skirt and little bag and purse and the little lady loved it. Thank you for the idea.

  4. Very cute. I love Dana Made and Oliver and S will have to check out the other two. :)

  5. Too cute!
    I know that feeling of things just beeing too easy, my little one has every Disney princess dress plus a lot of other Disney females... Just because the pesant dress is sooooo easy to make!

  6. That is SO cute! I especially smiled when you mentioned Steve, as I also have a Beagle named Grunt. I hope she loves it :D

  7. Oh, what a cute skirt. Are you going to make yourself a matching one? I'd be tempted.

  8. It's beautiful. I'm not the best sewer (although I'm slowly learning) but you inspired me to give this skirt a go and I made a version in cotton last night for my daughter. It's miles too short and has a wonky hem but it's a skirt! That I made myself!

    Going to give it another shot this evening in a different fabric, and might even have try making one for myself.



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