Friday 24 August 2012

Blogger meet up with Cindy from Cation Designs

Back in June, I was partnered with Cindy from Cation Designs as part of Kerry's Summer Sewing Swap. We became blog friends via e-mail and I became an instant fan of the beautiful, often vintage-inspired dresses she makes. She's already made an awesome dress from the pattern I included in her swap package.

Imagine my delight when she contacted me to see if we could meet up during her UK holiday this week. Wahay, I couldn't wait! So this morning, I met Cindy and her charming husband Eric at Portobello Road market, where we spent the next few hours rummaging around vintage clothes stalls, my favourite buttons and trims stall and the countless other little treasure troves and shops that the market is famous for.

I managed to pick up two cards of lovely vintage buttons from the button man, along with a one-off present for my mum which I'll have to keep quiet about in case she's reading.

Cindy bagged two lots of gold trim for a forthcoming make and was pondering a giant cat-print scarf as I left her. The picture above shows us in the Cloth Shop soaking up the fabric gorgeousness.

I knew we'd get on well as we'd clicked immediately during our e-mail exchanges and I wasn't wrong, she's just lovely! We managed to effortlessly chat non-stop the entire time. It's really quite surreal - a few weeks ago, Cindy was a total stranger on the other side of the world, yet there we were today, enjoying a fabulous morning of vintage shopping and tea drinking. That's the beauty of sewing bloggers, it's satisfaction guaranteed every time!

Thank you so much Cindy (and Eric!) for a great morning and thanks again to Kerry for putting us in touch - we'd never have met without your swap! x


  1. How fabulous that you and Cindy were able to meet!

  2. Awwww. Making new sewing friends is always fun.

  3. What a fun those buttons!!!

  4. Such a treat for you both to meet up! What a lovely hostess and GB ambassador you are Jane!

  5. It's so cool that you got to meet Cindy (and Eric) so soon after the swap...sewing bloggers rock ;o)

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  7. How lovely! So pleased I was a good sewing matchmaker :)

  8. Those yellow flower buttons are awesome! And how cool you two got to meet up!

  9. Nice buttons Jane - sorry been a bit behind in the blog reading, but what fun to meet Cindy. It was great to see you again yesterday too - woo hoo !!

  10. Wonderful buttons I looked at her blog and her clothes look as wonderful as yours.


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