Tuesday 13 March 2012

Here's to Sewing Bloggers...

I'm ridiculously late to the party as usual, and you've probably already read about the Oh Sew Brixton! meet up on Tilly's, Karen's and Joanne's blogs.  But if you haven't, then you'll want to know that last week, almost exploding with excitement, I met up with the above three lovely ladies, along with Alana from Lazy Stitching for a FAB night of sewing, eating, drinking and chat at Oh Sew Brixton.  Alas, my photography skills were severely hampered by my need to stuff my face with cake, and the only one that was even vaguely showable was this one of Tilly hard at work embroidering her racoon!  
I've had the pleasure of meeting Tilly, Karen and Alana before, so it was like meeting up with old friends. I hadn't met Joanne before though and she's as delightful and funny as she comes across on her blog. I can't wait for the next meet-up. I really did have the best time and wish it could have gone on for a few hours more.  The evening was to celebrate International Women's Day and raise money for Oxfam so we all set to making 'things' from scraps of fabric. I made a phone holder with this lovely rose print I found....

...then I made another one in wool, for winter use, just in case my phone gets a bit chilly you understand....

Thanks so much to Tilly for organising it and to Fiona from Oh Sew Brixton! for hosting such a wonderful evening.  

In other news, I've been on the receiving end of the most incredible generosity from sewing bloggers recently. Without having to extract even one pence from my purse, I'm now the proud owner of this amazing haul of vintage lovelies:

First of all, Zoe sent me two patterns after the Brighton de-stash meet-up.  

She'd bagged them herself, then decided they were more my style than hers so passed them on to me!!!  How thoughtful and lovely is that?  They are most definitely my style and I love them both, thank you Zoe, you're an angel.

Then Steph sent me this beautiful 1940's blouse pattern as a thank you for letting her copy my kimono wrap pattern.  
So thoughtful and very much appreciated, thank you Steph, I love it.  View 3 reminds me of my Roobeedoo Top, but my lazy streak is nudging me towards view 2, mostly because it's made from two scarves. Can't WAIT to make that one!

Then I won three 1940's and 1950's patterns from Andrea at Invisible Flower in one of her super generous vintage pattern giveaways.  I entered for a few batches but this was the one I really wanted to win, how lucky am I?! Thank you Andrea, I've already picked out the fabric for the PJ's.  Strangely, the blonde girl with plaits looks just like I did when I was a teenager….

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one lifetime, never mind one month, I won another giveaway!!!!  Yes, this vintage red polka dot Minnie Mouse skirt is now mine. 

If ever something had my name written all over it, then this skirt is it! I won it from Charlotte over at Sew Far Sew Good and it's perfect. Thank you! 

I'm so, so lucky to have such incredible friends.  Here's to sewing bloggers! x


  1. i love meet yes and i really hope to met you all soon ! xx

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. and your hoard is wonderful

  3. Look at you with da haul! That's amazing! Well done - must be for all that good karma with the snoods :O) Twas so lovely to meet you too - brilliant night all round xxx

  4. What a wonderful goodie packed post... Lovely phone holders, I totally get the seasonal apparal thinking! And then all those patterns are dreamy...

  5. So many lovely things! That skirt is amazing, and I look forward to seeing a blouse made from scarves - ooh!

  6. Ooh lovely patterns! I love the Vintage Vogue and the lasy McCalls is fab - please make that first!! :)

  7. The meet-up looks like it was so much fun! And my dear Jane, you will be receiving some more goodies in the mail....you are so generous. Thanks for letting me borrow your pattern for sooooo long. I'm sending some extra special goodies your way! You're the best!!!

  8. Agreed- The best. :)

  9. I'm glad the patterns got there safely! How great that you've had so many wonderful windfalls of late!

  10. Wowzers, what a stunning pattern haul! They're all so lovely. V1011 is particularly delightful. Which one are you going to make first? xx



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