Friday 22 July 2011

Musings on frillies

Knickers seem to be flavour of the month at the moment (both Dibs and Roobeedoo have both posted about their awesome handmade smalls recently) so I thought I’d jump in too.  My contribution comes from a slightly different but still glamorous angle!  A while back, Gertie posted about the wonders of the longline bra: they provide an instant hourglass figure and a great foundation for retro clothing.  Suitably fuelled up, I tried to find one in the UK, but my search proved fruitless, until yesterday…..

Whilst on a junk shopping mission with my husband in Portobello Road, we took a shortcut through an arcade of shops and came upon What Katie Did.  Oh. My. God. To put it simply, finding this shop was like finding the holy grail for somebody (like me) who likes nice underwear and vintage style.  They have a fabulous selection of glamorous undies and corsets, including an impressive shapewear range AND a longline bra!!! 

Ah, the lovely longline bra….it gives you a fantastic shape and, as they say on their website, a hint of a bullet shape but not too much, perfect for a subtle 1950’s sweater girl look.  What more could you ask for? The bra I bought is from the Glamour range (of course!) and is only available in black (or vintage peach but this has to be specially ordered).   As well as being impressively upholstered, it’s SSOOO pretty.  Because all their underwear is inspired by vintage styles, the measurements tend to run smaller than current sizes.  For example, I’m a 32 bra size but needed a 34.   They also come in a good range of back and cup sizes: 32 to 38 back and B to F cup sizes.  I also bought a matching pantie girdle (don’t you just love that term?!) 

Everything is available online, but if you live in London, it's well worth a trip to the shop itself. It’s kitted out in a gorgeous glamour girl style and the manageress – Vicky – was really knowledgeable and helpful.  I’ll definitely be back for a return visit.  Well, I have just gone six months without buying clothes, I need some kind of outlet!

So there’s my knicker story, not quite as impressive as making my own, but hopefully a useful link if you fancy treating yourself to some gorgeous smalls.  Have a great weekend. x


  1. Oh my goodness me, aren't they beautiful?! Maybe I should start a money jar for some of that gorgeous underwear :)
    Ashley x

  2. I'm familiar with the website and have long coveted their lingerie, but was concerned about buying online and it not fitting me! I must look at their returns policy, because their stuff truly is stunning!

  3. O my word Jane - I can't wait to hear your views on wearing one! I look forward to yet another epiphany! ...and the spin off ... the clothing you make to show it off .....

  4. Great stuff, Jane. Please let us know how they feel to wear, okay?

    In the past few years in the US, it is easier to find "specialized" bra shops that fit special sizes like me. Though they aren't necessarily vintage; however, I haven't looked either. I know that there are 2 in NYC now, and one in the DC area. I spent about 30 yrs of my life wearing what was available & what a relief it is to find the CORRECT size.



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